Cable Socks

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Cable Socks & Grips for Cable Jointing, Cable Pulling & Cable Laying

Cable socks (also called cable grips or cable stockings) for utility, triplex, fibre optic, low voltage and high voltage cable pulling – includes single eye cable socks, double eye cable socks, lace up cable socks, non-conductive cable socks and open ended cable socks.

The correct cable sock eases low and high voltage cable pulling into ducts, trenches and conduits. Cable socks provide an efficient method for cable installation and support within their load carrying capacity – cable socks are manufactured from high tensile galvanised, stainless steel or Kevlar.

Sometimes referred to as cable grips or cable stockings, cable socks are an efficient way of pulling cables. The Muyton range of cable socks have either single or double eye for attaching to the pulling rope. Lace up type cable stockings are also available for fitting at midpoint along the cable length. The standard range covers all cables from 6mm to 130mm overall diameter.

Special length, diameter or muti-leg (triplex) cable socks also available. LV-HV cables are generally installed in accordance with ENA-TS 09-2 “The Specification for the Supply, Delivery and Installation of Power Cables with operating voltages on the range 33kV to 400kV and associated auxiliary cables” except where it conflicts with the cable pulling requirements of ENA-ER C.82 – “Pulling in 11kV Aluminium Sheathed, Consac and Waveform Cables” and in accordance with the cable manufacturer recommendations.

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