Pulling Grips


Pulling Grips are instrumental in the installations of transmission lines, service lines and cabling for construction and maintenance.

1. Pulling grips are to be installed by a qualified individual in accordance with all applicable national and local safety,   electrical and rigging codes.

2. Ensure that the correct grip is selected for your specific needs.

3. Do not use a pulling grip for any application other than pulling cable.

4. Thoroughly examine the grip for damage. Do not use a damaged grip.

5. Ensure that the recommended work load of the grip is suitable for the application. Never use grips at their   approximated rated breaking strength. A safety factor of 5 is recommended for pulling grips.

6. Do not alter grips in any way. For example, do not modify pulling eyes, shoulders, fittings or lugs.

7. Do not attach any type of pulling hardware to any point on the grip other than the pulling eye. The pulling eye is   the only acceptable means of attachment to external hardware.

8. Always apply 2 bands at 1″ and 2″ respectively, from the tail end of the mesh to guard against accidental release   of the grip. Accidental release can occur if an object contracts and pushes against the tail end of the mesh,   thereby expanding and releasing its hold.


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