5/8” lace up hoisting grip

5/8” lace up  hoisting grip

For short runs (under 200 feet, 60 m) attach one hoisting grip to the top most part of the cable or waveguide to be supported (vertical run). The remainder of cable or waveguide (horizontal run) is tied to the hoisting rope. See Figure 1.


1. Before attaching the hoisting grip, loosen the metal weave by compressing portions of the grip together in an accordion like fashion.

2. Wrap the hoisting grip around the cable or waveguide at the top most part of the vertical run. Temporarily secure the bottom of the grip with electrical tape for ease of lacing. CAUTION: Avoid the sharp ends of wire when lacing grips.

3. Start the lace with even lengths at the top pair of grip loops. See Figure 2. Working down, alternately cross the lace at each pair of loops. Pass the lace through each loop pulling each previous weave tight.

4. After the lacing is completed and pulled tight, secure the loose ends by first tying them together and then passing the ends back through the weave.


Part number Dimensions
eye Mesh Nominal Size Lace Length Support Load Capacity
HG14L 6.0 in 6.0 in 1/4 in 31 in 350 lb
HG38L 6.0 in 6.0 in 3/8 in 31 in 350 lb
HG12L 7.0 in 10.0 in 1/2 in 47 in 500 lb
HG58L 6.0 in 20.0 in 5/8 in 67 in 500 lb
HG78L 13.0 in 17.0 in 7/8 in 75 in 500 lb
HG114L 8.0 in 25.0 in 1-1/4 in 83 in 900 lb
HG158L 12.0 in 27.0 in 1-5/8 in 94 in 1160 lb

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